1. We work to make the world a better place

We are a group of motivated individuals from a diverse set of backgrounds who share one goal: to end HIV/AIDS and eradicate the stigma that continues to plague those affected by it. Our goal is to see an AIDS-free generation and all of the work we do as an organization is in the spirit of seeing this goal become a reality. We truly want to make this world better.

Pledges made by participants of Dance Marathon 2018 expressing how they wanted to do their part to fight HIV/AIDS.

2. We have fun while working to make the world a better place

We take our work seriously, but we play hard too. From retreats to flyering, to bonding events packed with onesies and bright yellow shirts, PAC is a community of close friends and we strive to find the fun in everything we do.

Production Steering Directors splashing in the Shapiro Fountain outside of Royce Hall.

3. There’s something for everyone

PAC members come from a range of backgrounds, locations, and study an array of subjects, which allows us to have a variety of perspectives on the work that we do. Whether you’re pre-med and interested in the biology of the virus, a history major curious about the role AIDS played around the world since its discovery in 1983, a poli sci major interested in advocacy, an economics major interested in finance, or a communications major interested in public relations there’s an aspect of PAC that fits any interest. Because PAC is an incredibly diverse group of individuals it’s also a great way to get involved in a field you want to try your hand at. In PAC there are biology majors on the Design Committee, engineering majors on the Dancer-Relations Committee, and much more.

The 2018–2019 Pediatric AIDS Coalition Steering Directors.

4. It’s a great way to meet new people and develop new passions

PAC has around 150 members, so by the end of the year not only do you know every single one of them, but you feel lucky to call them all your friends. PAC members push one another to always work hard and be the best versions of themselves, and because we have so many facets of work to make Dance Marathon and our other events run smoothly, members are able to try out new fields in a supportive environment and discover more about their personal and professional passions.

PAC’s Director of Finance, Emma Paine, working with women and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Tanzania.

5. You learn professional skills that you can take into the workforce

Not only is being a member of the largest student-run nonprofit a great resume builder, but the work committee members do provide excellent skills and foundations that are attractive to employers and useful later in life. PAC provides the opportunities for students to get hands-on experience with talent management, public relations, corporate sponsorships, grant writing, health education, fundraising management and so much more. On PAC you learn what it is like to do real-world work with a mid-sized non-profit, gaining insight into the workings of a registered non-profit and what it takes for such organizations to be successful.

Executive Directors Shauna Perigo and Dylan Sanders at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Headquarters in Washington DC.

6. You get the opportunity to plan one of UCLA’s favorite traditions

Every year thousands of students pack Pauley Pavilion for Dance Marathon, PAC’s biggest event of the year and one of the “True Bruin Traditions” at UCLA. PAC members have the unique opportunity to work behind the scenes and make each Dance Marathon even better than the last!

Participants of Dance Marathon dancing during Power Hour (the final hour of the 26-hour dance-a-thon).

7. It’s a great opportunity to expand your worldview by educating yourself and your peers on topics you may not know a lot about

HIV/AIDS and the stigma which surrounds it is one that no longer receives a lot of attention, and as such, many people know very little about what it is, what it does to the body or its history. PAC members are quickly educated on the many aspects of HIV/AIDS and what we can do to help. Once we have this knowledge, we work to share it and educate our friends and peers so that they may too understand the severity of the situation but also understand the immense hope we have that one day the work we do will help create an AIDS-free generation.

Members of 2018–2019 PAC Steering tabling and educating UCLA students about PAC at UCLA’s 2018 Enormous Activities fair.

So… What are you waiting for? Apply to PAC to become a part of this dedicated, hard-working, fun-loving group and you too can fight for an AIDS-free generation!

Link to our 2018–2019 application here: http://www.pediatricaidscoalition.org/assets/gencomm-app-2018.pdf